We crossed 200km
of Arctic tundra.
it hurt. a lot.

Go-Kart Grand Prix 2012 - 1st May 2012

We try to do things a little differently at Woko Woco. All of our events are focussed on all round enjoyment so when deciding what we’re going to do next we generally ask ourselves; what are people willing to try? is this going to be fun? Will they get value from it?

We recognise that not everyone is up for our adventurous side, which is why we hold our quarterly events where larger crowds and big venues are needed. The beauty of the smaller events is that with less numbers and a fun activity being the focus our members get to know each other better in a concentrated environment

Our Woko Woco Go Karting Grand Prix was one of those events. 22 guests, good food, fun racing and then the evening in Cowbridge to enjoy.

We started the afternoon by meeting up in Bar 44, Cowbridge for introductions and a spot of tapas. Bar 44 is a lovely little venue to hold something like this. Great intimate environment where the quality of their food is fantastic. Needless to say that as the guests arrived and tapas started coming out of the kitchen we all started mingling and sussing out each others driving skills.

The track itself was a small drive to Llandow so after coordinating a series of lift shares we hot tailed it across in an excitement filled convey and were soon squeezing in to our undersized overalls and helmets. The more competitive amongst us brought their own helmets and gloves. That kinda gave us a clue as to how the day was going to pan out.

Everyone was in buoyant mood and looking forward to getting out on the track. The format of the racing was dictated by the officials which seemed to be a random lottery that ended up with people’s numbers being screamed down the pit lane and a mad dash to jump into a kart.

This was an event that brought out the best and the worst in all of us. Those who first appear laid back but suddenly become confident. The confident ones that fear the ‘dark horses’ soon went quiet. All in all it was a fabulous day where the weather behaved and the smell of petrol fumes gave us all an extra lift.

We each had several races in which to prove ourselves worthy of getting to the final. After several spins, bumps, bashes and bruises the top three podium spots were taken up by Ross Hutchins (3rd) Mike Jordan (2nd) and Richard Franklin (1st)

The social element of Woko Woco is what makes our events so unique. After hours of racing we just didn’t want to end there so it was back to Bar 44 for post race analysis and well deserved drinks. This soon became a bit of a bar hopping crawl than ended in some boisterous banter filling the local Indian restaurant.

This was a special event that had a good feel about it right from the beginning. It’s one that I’m sure we’ll repeat so if you weren’t able to make it, make sure that you include yourself for the next.

Have a look at images of the event here


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