We drank Peroni, Beaujolais & Brains.
it hurt. a lot.

About Woko Woco

Woko Woco was established by 4 successful entrepreneurs keen to make the day to day job of business networking interesting, fun and most importantly rewarding and successful.

Our unusual name is a riff on Radio Woko (which later became Radio Disney) and Coca Cola…..what better role models to adopt if looking to be successful and different.

Woko Woco is the trading name of Woko Woco Limited (company number: 7423554) and the Woko Woco brand is a registered trademark filed with the UK Patent Office.

wokowoco ethos


Our events are designed around making lasting connections, with senior decision makers. As such we have made the conscious decision to leave the "sales" element at the door, and you will not be asked to pitch your business and will not be in an environment where everyone just wants a pound of flesh and an hour of time.


In keeping with our ethos, we aim to make sure that all our attendees are on a relatively equal footing, and can talk with confidence about their business and business needs with other individuals equally high in the corporate tree.


Every Woko Woco event is about enjoying the day, the company you are in, and being able to relax and form contacts with business friends and colleagues, without hassle and at whatever pace you want to do so.


James Emery

James is MD of COS Group Limited, a leading business in South Wales.

In the evening he cycles from North to South Wales, throws himself off cliffs...and drinks Brains!


Michael Freebury

Mike Freebury is the head of sales at Bibby Financial Services. Through the week, Mike manages a team of managers who put flexible, working capital packages together for businesses. By weekend, Mike throws himself off cliffs, is often found watching Cardiff City, and drinks Peroni - a lot!


Nigel Greenaway

Nigel is a leading corporate finance lawyer, and partner in Berry Smith LLP. As his day job he advisers on multi-million pound corporate mergers, acquisitions and restructures. In the evening and on weekends he crosses the Arctic Circle, walks the Sahara Desert...and drinks Peroni!


Ravi Nalliah

Ravi is finance director at Biotec International Services a leading clinical trials company. He has a background in corporate finance.

In the evening he wears multi-coloured wigs, drives landrovers up mountains...and drinks Beuajolais!